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The History Of The Fandom Part 4

I was but 23, technically a adult, but still just a child in the face of the ancient ones. I had grown with our beloved Transformers from a child at their introduction, to their adult, which during this time, was the time of the beast. It was during this time, that I attended a gathering of fans.

I had fun, listening to the speakers, enjoying merriment with friends and fellow fans. It was Saturday afternoon when I found myself alone, browsing the set up shops in the dealers hall when I felt a strange feeling of despair. I had heard the stories of the leviathans, tha banshees, the burbling pits of darkness and hatred that crawled forth from the darkest pits. But I was unprepared for the lurking fear that soon would grip my very soul.

I was perusing a rather beat up box full of Optimus Primes in various states of distress. For just the paltry sum of ten dollars, one could build his own Optimus from the box. I sat on the floor with others, going through the box, looking to build an Optimus in better shape than the one I had had since childhood.

It was then that time seemed to stop. All sound seemed to leave this earth as I reached inside the box and felt something wet. Something wet inside the box. I lifted my hands which were now covered in a terrible brown liquid. The stench was horrid and forced me into a fevor of madness as I reached back into that box and pulled out a totem of pure terror.

It was, or had once been, a Jetfire. His armor no longer and his once pristine white form draped in a dank brown film. It was though his plastic had been stained with the most foul stains of the most disturbing home.

I threw the horrible thing down. I stood, I turned to run away, only to be confronted with a being of unimaginable terror. A soul who had been lost to the darkness, now standing vacant. He stood there, saliva oozing from the corners of his mouth. A blank stare as words formed from his mouth, but never assembled in my ears.

I do not recall what happened next, as I awoke next to the water fountain in a cold sweat. My soul has never healed from the horrific event, and as I sit here writing this tome, I warn you. Nothing of this earth is truley what it seems. Please, be careful, be vigilant, for the darkness dwells even in the most friendly of places.

I must go now, for I fear the lost soul has found me, where I have hidden all this time. Quickly, to the window!



The history of the fandom part 3

When the beast infected the darkness with chaos, monsters we all became. 

Nasty, bitter, sniveling creatures wallowing in self pity and self indulgence. Some became walking Leviathans, so massive that each watery step shook the earth to it’s core. Others became living banshees, wailing their songs to whomever would hear. Their sounds sure to cause madness and suffering to the ears of their victims. 

It was at one of our conferences, outside the darkness, that the first large scale horrific incident happened.

There we were, in the halls of the hotel, engaging in regular conference nighttime rituals. Many had spent the day in lectures, conversing the varying aspects of our beloved Transformers and each way the ancient ones provided. Merchants sold toys, clothing, and other items of interests to attendees. When night came, so came great parties. Groups of friends and comrades enjoyed food and fun together. Some merchants had set up shop on the floors, their impromptu trading parties became legend. Even amid the chaos and the wars, outside the darkness, we managed to have fun and enjoy the company of other like minded individuals.

And then, then came the horror.

Nobody knows whom set off the attack. Was it one of the Leviathans, angrily lashing out? Ill minded rebels making a name for themselves? Perhaps the work of a band of trolls? Nobody knows, but everyone remembers the horrific scene.

There we were, in the hotel lobby. Fun was had by all. And then, as if we all subconsciously became aware of the danger, we looked up. The beautiful elevator, reaching miles into the sky provided an outline to the heights of the balconies of the hotels numerous floors. And from the top floor, there it was.

Falling at a unnatural rate of speed and velocity.

A headless, junker, Fortress Maximus.

Even without it’s head and accessories, the fabled Fortress Maximus was a behemoth. It’s ascension down the seemingly miles of sky in the hotel came fast and hard. Upon it’s collision into the lobby floor, it sent out a shockwave knocking all to their feet. The explosion of Maximus on hitting the cold tiled floor was immense. It’s shrapnel flew for miles, tearing at the skin of all. 

Within minutes, a once joyous scene was reduced to a blood bath. Marking the end of our innocence, and the arrival of the chaos outside of the darkness.


The history of the fandom part 2

It was there in the darkness where we first reached out. When contact with another came, we felt joy. Soon, a few became a hundred. A hundred became a thousand, and so on. Since the darkness was magic, it be both close and far. We found ways to communicate in the darkness. Words rang out, spread to the near and the far. Soon the darkness would hold us captive no more. Soon, we all were one.

Within time, we began to congregate outside the darkness. Arranged meetings and ceremonies became common place. We soon grew bold and no longer confined ourselves to the shadows. We went about in the natural world wearing our insignias on our clothes. Tattooed into our skins. Branded into our vehicles. The fandom grew and grew with each new offering the ancient ones provided us.

There was the occasional rumblings, but for the most part, there was peace. That is, until that fateful day the beast presented itself to us. It’s primal screams echoed as it tore the fandom to it’s core. Newfound radicalism shone bright in the darkness ripping the very fabric of the existence we all knew into the massive maw of chaos.

We spread out further into the darkness, siding within groups of like minded individuals. The beast tore the fandom asunder. Fandom politics, which before were at minimal, were now a devisive edge in the blade carried in the hands of all. The blade which made our words, before means of bonding, now fiery weapons. Sides were drawn, stakes were claimed. The meetings and ceremonies soon became tools for the beast to further construction of the new world order. A new world built by a beast war.


I take it personal when body builders say 'beast mode'.

Never forget the time Optimus Primal was a red assed monkey. 



The Bastards Transformers. Literally only linked by just the idea to put the Transformers logo on the box to get shelf space, and later some unused molds getting used as the Beast Wars Mutants. The Animorphs line was pure flame war in this fandom back in the proverbial day.

I recall only taking the plunge on them after they went to dirt cheap clearance. I was a broke college kid, wanted some new TF, and hey… I guess I can spare a dollar for this Marco gorilla thing.

I ended up with a few as they were actually pretty good toys (despite the whole crazy TF logo thing). Still wish I would have found the Tobias hawk toy, and wish I would have gotten the Tri-Rex. I remember just seeing them stacked next to the wall of Transquitos at Toys r’ Us for pennies on the dollar. That great shared mold head of BW Megatron peering at me through the cellophane.

‘Rob, get a haircut hippie… Rob buy me… Rob, you have plenty of Beast Wars…. Rob take me home… Why are you digging through those clearance wrestling figures? Rob… Nobody knows why they made that Chris Jerico lion tamer thing… You’re not buying me are you? Man, sure is a lot of those Chris Jerico lion tamer figures… Rob?’

I had long hair then. Roll dice for the color.

Then I’d go home and avoid the weird vitriol online. I’m sure there was casualties. Nobody can get that mad over nothing and not keel over from a high blood pressure heart attack.



*edit-I totally used a post I made over the weekend on Transformers Addicts as an entry, my work hours are changing a little and I’m having a hard time adjusting, but still want to give you guys something to read