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Being Awesome with Rob Springer 105: Pool Party

Episode Description

This week in awesome: Rob thinks the beginning of summer is a good time to hop in the pool. So he clears out the Q&A pool in favor of a 3 day weekend.

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Being Awesome with Rob Springer 105: Pool Party


2009 Holiday Transformers Shopping Guide

With the return of Radio Free Cybertron, we are happy to announce the return of the annual Radio Free Cybertron Holiday Transformers Buying Guide. 

This guide is designed to assist Transformers fans and non-Transformers fans alike in the purchasing of items for the 2009 Holiday season. Each item is tagged so you will know who each item is appropriate for. If you’re purchasing for a G1 fan, a Beast Wars fan or the very young fan, you’ll be armed with the information you need in selecting the right item to buy. This list isn’t an inclusive list of all Transformers toys and items but rather a collection of items selected by the RFC crew which should simplify your Holiday buying experience. When possible we’ve attempted to find the lowest possible price for each item and we will provide you with the prices we found as of December 6th 2009. Please note that all prices are in Monopoly Mone—er, US Dollars.


1. Masterpiece Skywarp 

    Price $50.00 - $60.00 (Buy it at Wal-Mart)

Skywarp is the Wal-Mart exclusive issue of the Takara Masterpiece Starscream repaint (which we also received in the US as a Wal-Mart exclusive.) Just in time for Christmas the toy has been reduced to $49 from its original price tag of $60! Skywarp is available online for this price as well as at many retail locations. It’s a complex toy and not for the younger fan.

For the…
G1 Fan, Fan of Everything

2. Leader Class Optimus Prime

    Price $35.00 - $40.00 (Buy it at BBTS)

This is the best toy of the movie line. Even if you’re like a lot of hardcore Transformers fans and not completely enthralled by the movie aesthetic you will certainly marvel at the detail and engineering that went into designing this toy. It’s been called a Masterpiece Prime made in plastic. Worth every penny. You can find him at retail for as low as $35 or you can find it online at BBTS for a totally reasonable $39.50

For the…
Movie Fan

3. The AllSpark Almanac

    Price $15.00 (Buy it at Amazon)

A lovingly crafted reference guide for the first two seasons of Transformers Animated by Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster. Chock-full of nerdy Transformers and Sci-Fi references and presented in an easy to read, ingenious format. After reading this, you will be pining for a second volume. Worth every penny of the asking price. 

For the…
Younger Fan, Transformers Animated Fan, Fan of Everything, Anyone with a pulse

4. Transformers G1: The Complete Series

    Price $109.99 (Buy it at Amazon)

$110 for the entire Generation One cartoon? That’s a bargain. With the Rhino DVD sets long gone this is the best deal you’ll find on the G1 cartoon without having to download uTorrent.  

For the…
G1 Fan, Fan of Everything 


5. Transformers Device Label

    Price $44.99 - $69.99 (Buy them at BBTS)

Who wouldn’t want a 2GB Thumb Drive that turns into a Ravage? An ergonomically-agnostic mouse that transforms into something supposed to be Trypticon? Sign me up!

In all seriousness, these are not the worst toys in the world and ever since the Takara Music Label line, they’ve been trying to recapture the magic of the 1980’s Transformers watch. These really are robots in disguise and that’s pretty cool.

For the…
G1 Fan, Fan of Everything

6. Mighty Muggs Shockwave

    Price $17.99 (Buy it at BBTS)

Mighty Muggs Shockwave is probably the cutest Transformer ever. Seriously. Cuture than Stampy, cuter than the WSTs, cuter than the Robot Heroes. Cuter than a baby holding a bunny.

For the…
Younger Fan, G1 Fan, Fan of Everything

7. Transformers Animated Electrostatic New Soundwave

    Price $11.99 (Go outside and find it)

New Soundwave just hit retail and isn’t the easiest toy to find. To top it off, it’s kind of a crappy mold but the toy comes with the new keytar, Ratbat. Yes, Ratbat. We at RFC love Ratbat and besides, this is New Soundwave. The paint scheme is an homage to Soundblaster, who all know is really named New Soundwave, as dubbed by Galvatron in the RTM-1 dubs.

For the…
Animated Fan, Fan of Everything

8. Target Exclusive Leo Prime

    Price $19.99 (Buy it at Target)

Part of the 25th Anniversary Universe Classics Beast Wars collection. It’s just not a Beast Wars figure. Or a Classic figure. It’s a repaint of a remolded Cybertron toy which is supposed to represent the Beast Wars 2 character Lio Convoy. I’m confused. Go to your local Target and buy the toy. It’s not a bad toy by any realistic stretch and it’s supposed to be Lio Convoy. That’s kind of cool, right?

For the…
Beast Wars Fan, Fan of Everything

9. Ultra Universe Onslaught

    Price $11.00 (Buy it at your local Wal-Mart)

Onslaught is one of the best Transformers ever. He’s detailed, articulated, well designed and a good representation of the source character. He’s electronic and it doesn’t detract in any way from the actual toy. It even has the name and birthdate of a certain unstumpable Transformers fan tampoed onto it. Buy ten of these. It’s a great toy. Keep them to give as gifts. Give them to needy children. No one should be denied the greatness that is this toy.

For the…
Younger Fan, G1 Fan, Fan of Everything, Fan of Awesome

10. Transformers Reissue Perceptor and The Insecticons

    Price $34.99 each (Buy them at TRU)

The G1 Classics reissues are getting fewer and farther between. I am as hardened and jaded a Transformers fan as any and I enjoy these toys, especially the Insecticons. The $35 price tag is a bit steep but better than the import price and markup for the Takara issues.

For the…
G1 Fan, Fan of Everything

11. Transformers Collectors Club Membership

    Price Varies. See site for details.

I’m a member, you should join too. The cost of the club is minimal and totally worth the asking price. You receive the bi-monthly Transformers Club magazine and it’s chock-full of nerdy Transformers content. There are exclusive items available only to Club members included in the cost of membership plus discounts on exclusive store items and admission to Botcon. If you go to Botcon, you virtually have to subscribe. You would be foolish not to.

For the…
Fan of Everything

12. Encore Metroplex

    Price $89.99 (Buy it at BBTS)

Full disclosure: Metroplex is my favorite Transformer ever. It’s largely for nostalgic purposes but if you have a Transformers fan in your life who doesn’t own this toy, buy it for them. It’s nicely sized and includes three Transformers. Sorta.

For the…
G1 Fan, Fan of Everything

13. Encore Bruticus

    Price $84.99 (Buy it at BBTS)

Sure we have tons of this mold, but it’s G1 Bruticus in fancy/jibberish Japanese packaging!

For the…
G1 Fan, Fan of Everything 

14. Encore City Guardian 

    Price $118.00 (Buy it at BBTS)

There are always interesting E-Hobby exclusive repaints. Sometimes obvious, sometimes maddening, sometimes mundane. For sure, though, this is a version of the toy you didn’t have as a kid. Actually, ask the person you’re buying this for if they had it as a kid. I’d be interested in hearing what they have to say.

For the…
G1 Fan, Fan of Everything

15. Encore Sky-Lynx

    Price $45.00 (Buy it at BBTS)

With his superior intelligence, Sky-Lynx does everything exquisitely. Except for sell, it seems, as this toy has been clearanced by BBTS. It’s really a steal at $45. Buy two

For the…
G1 Fan, Fan of Everything

16. 25th Anniversary Soundwave

    Price $49.99 (Buy it at Hasbro Toyshop)

$50 isn’t a bad price for this toy considering you get four cassettes including Ratbat. Odds are your Transformers friend already has a Soundwave or four sitting around but the quantity of items included is hard to beat. My only concern with this toy is that it doesn’t include the Soundblaster door so it only holds one cassette at a time.

For the…
G1 Fan, Fan of Everything