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RFC: Throwback For November 7th 2003

TRT 10:42


In this actual fake show from 2003…

Brian and Goldimus Prime try out MSN Messenger. The guys talk about how awesome the toys from Armada are.

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Throwback 110703


RFC: Throwback for November 25th 2002

TRT 14:16


In this actual fake show from 2002…

Brian’s interest in Transformers is waning and he and Goldimus Prime discuss possible new directions for the radio show.

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RFC: Throwback 11/25/02


RFC Throwback for November 19th Ha ha ha 1999.

In this episode of RFC Throwback which first aired November 19th 1999, fat boy (Brian) reviews the Takara Beast Wars Metals toy Ravage. 

Brian has a sad and lonely rant about Beast Machines.

John DeLuna makes his first appearance in the ATT Buzz.

I make my first appearance on RFC. I was just a shell (ha ha ha!) of my current self.


The RFC Computer 

RFC Throwback for November 19th 1999


RFC Throwback for November 15th 2004

With the Tenth Anniversary on the horizon we go back to the imanary archive of Radio Free Cybertron and pull out the Fifth Anniversary Radio Free Cybertron! Join Brian Kilby and Goldimus Pr—er, ExVee for a brief reunion from two of the original RFC team! The guys talk about Energon, Dreamwave comics, OTFCC, what’s going on in their lives and more!

RFC for 11/15/04


RFC: Throwback November 12th 1999

On Friday November 12th 1999 you were probably out with your friends having fun. Brian was sitting at his desk recording himself talking about Transformers. Ha ha ha.

Brian was proud enough of this RFC to put his stamp of approval on it. This is the first Radio Free Cybertron to be widely available.

Brian again tells you about Radio Free Cybertron and gives you a little bit of what was then news and is just olds, now. He again reviews Blackarachnia. Might as well check it out, as it’s another piece of history.

History ain’t always pretty.

The RFC Computer.

November 12th 1999


RFC: Throwback October 15 1999


This is The Computer and I am bringing you classic episodes of Radio Free Cybertron.

Radio Free Cybertron for October 15th 1999.

Total Running Time 9:07.

Fat Boy (Brian) introduces himself to the world and the world ignores him. Ha ha ha! He describes what the point of this Transformers Radio Show is and reviews Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia.

This episode first aired October 15th 1999 but was shortly taken offline for tweaking. Sadly, this may be the world’s first podcast. It is kind of anticlimactic.

This also features the world’s first Youtube Transformers review, minus the Youtube.

October 15th 1999


RFC: Throwback 09/13/2009

In the very first RFC: Throwback Brian explains the premise of the show. This is the location to which classic episodes of RFC will be podcast from with new inserted description and commentary by The Computer.

There will be new shows, sporadically, which feature a more classic format of Brian introing/outroing segments instead of the newer, more organic format we all know and have become accustomed to.

RFC: Throwback 001